Sustainable Gardening

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In sustainable gardening or permanent agriculture we acknowledge that the soil is our baby and our life line and if it is not healthy how could our plants and then us ever be.  We limit bringing anything from outside of the property to use in the garden and don’t create any waste that would have to be taken away. Creating our own food including vegetables and animal food and returning the organic matter and microbial life back into the garden and through composting, natural fertilizers such as worm farms, compost teas continues that natural cycle. The diversity of crops is also the key to maintaining healthy soil. puravida-29.jpg

Growing mono crops takes the nutrients from the land that requires forms of synthesized chemicals to replace them, producing unhealthy plants and using pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides which is is not sustainable farming.

We are always looking at ways of working with nature and natural systems for guidance:-

  • Learning the characteristics of each plant so we know how to care for it
  • Finding what plants work together and growing multiple species of plants in garden beds
  • Making good healthy compost and compost teas for the soil
  • Mulching using natural pesticides made from herbs and other organic ingredients
  • Working with animals in the garden