Gut Health


Did you know that we carry around some 10 trillion human cells that coexist with about 100 trillion bacterial cells to which most are mainly located in the digestive system?  The main role of our digestive system is to break down our food to enable nutrient absorption.  These nutrients then help in the formation of new cells and repair damaged cells so that your health is maintained.
Not all bacteria are friendly but host to not so friendly pathogens like parasites, viruses candida, fungi.  If the good guys become imbalanced and where the bad guys outnumber, the greater the negative impact on your health, both physically and mentally. This is a condition called dysbiosis.
Therefore we need to consider our relationship with the microbiome kingdom in our gut and why.
Our diet has a major impact on our microbiome.  There have been many studies that demonstrate a diet high in fibre-rich vegetables, whole grain cereals and nuts keep the best bacteria healthy.  It is also suggested that we have 1 serving of probiotics once a day. Kombucha, Water or Milk Kefir, Kavass, Sauerkraut, anything fermented is a great choice.