Meet the Team

Pura Vida Organics is a locally owned, family and friend operated business.


Yvonne and Daryl are a keen Kombucha brewers and have been for the last 3 years.   Mainly servicing the local markets and Buche lovers.

It all began with our taste for kombucha and began brewing at home for ourselves and family.  Soon hooked on the way it tasted and the way it made us feel, we began sharing this superfood with extended family and friends. Just like us, they then became hooked and craving more and so Pura Vida Organics was born and the rest is history.

We pride ourselves on providing an organic product that is hand made and sold personally without the middle man. We do everything and even grow some of our flavourings in our organic permaculture garden.

Dean is a passionate Permaculturist. Currently practising in Spain on a permaculutre farm to return later in the year.  He loves designing and creating autonomous closed loop systems and sustainable, productive, economical, healthy landscapes. He sees permaculture as a great answer to many of the challenges we face today.

His knowledge and hands-on experience are extensive gained through:-

  • Design and implementation of ORGANIC gardens in Australia, Nepal and Sri Lanka
  • Developed and facilitated Introduction to Permaculture Courses, to be expanding into next level courses
  • Completion of TWO Permaculture Design Courses (PDC) Co-Teaching One Of These
  • Built and managed permaculture farms
  • Conducted garden workshops including composting, worm farming, no dig gardens
  • Attended many workshops including Organic Gardening, permaculture, natural building
  • Volunteered and supported local community garden and their environmental mission
  • Volunteered in PERMA blitz’s, regenerating forests and bushlands
  • Member of local Permaculture Community.