Kombucha Mocktails

What is a Mocktail? It’s a non-alcoholic cocktail. A great fun drink that the whole family could enjoy. Usually contains lots of fruity concoctions, and some are a little bit more sophisticated. A great alternative at parties, functions, Christmas, and family gatherings. Sit back and relax with a healthy alternative this holiday season. Strawberry and … More Kombucha Mocktails

Hunter Organic Growers Society – Field Day

A great afternoon of learning at the home in Belmont, North with the Hunter Organic Growers Society Field Day. We talked about dense planting/successions in the growing plots, food forest structure being developed, composting techniques and our organic Kombucha business. Banana bells were harvested, a banana sucker and horseradish dug up and people were thrilled … More Hunter Organic Growers Society – Field Day

Arrowroot Flour

Arrowroot is a starchy vegetable extracted from these rhizomes that work well in sweet or savoury dishes.  It is gentle on the digestive system and gluten-free. It contains a good source of potassium, iron and B Vitamins. Studies have shown that Arrowroot is a prebiotic meaning it feeds your good bacteria stimulating your immune system. Used … More Arrowroot Flour