Fermented Cashew Cheese With Kombucha

This is the best Cashew Cheese and it’s so easy. All you need is:-

250gm Organic Cashews

50ml Kombucha (authentic of course)

Pinch of Salt

1 x tsp Yeast Flakes

Filtered Water

Olive Oil

Jar and lid

Method: – Soak cashews overnight in filtered water, drain and rinse. Blend with kombucha, salt and flavourings, see below. Add to sterilized jar, pack down, and add enough olive oil to cover the mix. Leave it on the bench and when you see the air bubbles forming and the cheese starting to rise, it’s ready. Time to go in the fridge and ready for eating. I have some great ideas below.

You can drain off olive oil or leave.

Flavourings: For this batch, I added chillies. Also, these go well:- Lemon juice, herbs, spices, blended beetroot, just about anything that you like in a dip.

Suggested uses: on crackers, on top of your salad or for a creamy salad dressing (see our Fire Cider Salad Dressing in our Blog), stir through pasta or rice.

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