Kombucha Consumer Awareness

Today there are many brands of kombucha currently on the market with many different types of kombucha to choose from.  Your choice of kombucha will come down to your taste and health preferences.  Traditional kombucha is a fermentation process that is brewed with tea (that contains caffeine), raw sugar, filtered water, starter liquid, and the culture, commonly known as the SCOBY.  Other forms of kombucha have been engineered to be more shelf-stable by either pasteurisation, where heat is applied to eliminate all living organisms, or by brewing out all the sugar and at the bottling stage, adding sweeteners like Stevia or syrup flavourings.  Also, some producers may add lab-cultured probiotics and not use a SCOBY.  Therefore, it is important to read your labels and observe how the kombucha is produced and marketed so you are purchasing the kombucha that best suits you.

So how do you know how your kombucha is brewed? Here are a few tips when you are purchasing kombucha.  

Authentic Kombucha

Glass bottles only

Refrigerated only

Sediment on bottom

Not a long expiring date

Real flavourings eg. fruit, herbs

Filtered water

Short expiry date (6-8 months or less)

Made with a SCOBY

Organic ingredients

Real flavourings eg. organic fruit, herbs, spices

No preservatives

Can you grow a SCOBY from kombucha?

Other Forms of Kombucha

Plastic bottle

Not in fridge

Pasteurised (no living organisms present)

Added sugar

Added sweeteners eg. Stevia, syrups

Added probiotics

Long expiry date (eg. 12 months)

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