Dips – Carrot and Beetroot


Dips!! I love them. Put everything in a pot, blend it all up and then put it on something, anything.

Cooking for me is ok, it’s not my favourite thing in the world but when I can harvest something from the garden or even better from the wild it really ignites something and I’m much more willing to prepare a meal. 

This week we have been harvesting and resetting some of  our garden beds. Some of our harvests have been bunches of beetroots and carrots. I’m not the biggest fan of them raw, maybe a small amount grated in a salad. I do like beets roasted not always though and I’m just not really a fan of carrot at all, though I do remember enjoying them when I was a child and my mother would coat them in butter and honey. 

So Dip was the first thing that came to mind.

The carrot dip was very spicy and zingy, most likely due to the homemade kombucha vinegar and lots of garlic and ginger.

I used a lot of ingredients that we had on hand and I don’t expect everyone to have everything that I used sitting in their fridge or cupboard. If you’re going to make one of these  I encourage you to switch and swap ingredients. Leave things out or add extras if you please. For example if you have no miso paste use some vegemite(not quite the same health benefits) and if you don’t have ginger put some wasabi in. No apple cider vinegar, red/white wine vinegar will work. Try adding tahini, parsley, oregano or mint if you have it. 

Zingy Carrot Dip Recipe

4 x Carrots

5 x Garlic cloves 

2-3cm cube Ginger

Teaspoon of miso paste

1/4 onion raw

Small sweet potato 

¼ cup of olive oil

1 teaspoon Apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon of honey

½ avocado

½ teaspoon seeded mustard past

Juice of ½ lemon

½ teaspoon turmeric paste

*Roast or boil carrots and sweet po – put everything in pot and hand blend. A blender or thermomixer will also do the job.

Beetroot Dip

Very similar to the carrot dip except the beetroot replaces the carrot and I didn’t add – Ginger, sweet potato, avocado or onion.

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