Arrowroot Flour

Arrowroot is a starchy vegetable extracted from these rhizomes that work well in sweet or savoury dishes.  It is gentle on the digestive system and gluten-free. It contains a good source of potassium, iron and B Vitamins. Studies have shown that Arrowroot is a prebiotic meaning it feeds your good bacteria stimulating your immune system.

Harvested Rhizomes

Used in gluten-free, paleo-friendly, grain-free and vegan recipes. Can also be used as a thickener with no GMO’S as a replacement to cornstarch for stews, gravies and sauces with no taste so your sauces and baking keep their tasty flavours.

Apart from the many nutrients, arrowroot is a good source of prebiotic fibre that feeds your gut bacteria.  This can be beneficial in boosting your immune system by allowing the absorption of key minerals that your immune system needs to function properly.

The Rhizomes are easy to grow in a temperate climate and in an organic-rich soil with good drainage.  Don’t let dry out though will not like to sit in soggy soil.

Video clips below demonstrate how to make arrowroot flour from the rhizomes.  The flour has a long shelf life, typically 3-4 years, if kept in a dry glass, sealed properly and out of direct sunlight.

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Drying the Flour


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