Introduction to Permaculture Courses in 2018 – A Huge Success!

41990487_10156427035590605_2841844972020301824_nOur first year of Interactive Intro to permaculture workshop has been a hoot! and huge success! Incredible to see what we can create and achieve when we dream, believe and act. Together we created a beautiful community and generated some really wholesome energy around caring for ourselves, the earth and all life which I’m sure is going to ripple outwards into the world. In our practical lessons we created a permaculture system, a model of how we can interact with the land to meet our needs that is regenerative and benefits all life. Thank you to everyone that made it possible. Thomas OliverDylan JamesMelanie Lee and Stephen Dombrain at Stoney Creek Permaculture and Healing. Foo the owner of property at Valla Beach. The support crew, Morgane VarnierLuke Purkiss, Maddie, Jack Wilkinson. All the participants. My Amazingly supportive parents Yvonne CurtisDaryl Curtis and My beautiful girlfriend Casey Acacia for all your support and love. And everyone else who supported. Listen out for more workshops coming up!

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