Exciting Things Happening This Year Deano is Back!



This year is looking like a lot of fun with our acceptance into Lake Macquarie Farmers Market and our regular stall at Olive Tree, Civic Park.  We also plan to run several more permaculture workshops with solutions to the challenges we are facing today. The last workshop on Permaculture and Herbalism was a big success with a full group of great people sharing and learning ideas to move towards a healthier and happier life and more self-reliant and regenerative communities.

Learning more and more about permaculture design and coupled with the dry conditions and some exciting new projects this year, we have decided to re-design our property to create a productive fully functioning urban permaculture demonstration site. We plan to run workshops on many aspects of the design including the design process, creating a garden and maintaining it, greywater systems, composting, worm farms, food forestry, chickens and many benefits, fermentation. Because there will be hands-on work to implement this new design we are offering a work trade for workshops. This will be a great opportunity to get practical hands-on experience, we think this is the best way to learn. We would love for you to be involved, let us know if this could be something you’re interested in.

Keep up to date on our workshops page. We would love to hear from you if there is something we can help you with or perhaps any feedback. Email your ideas to puravidaorganics1@gmail.com.

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