Update on Dean is Sri Lanka

Dean, through permaculture principles,  has just completed building a vegetable garden, reed bed and food forest in southern Sri Lanka. It has been a great opportunity to implement permaculture systems, food forestry and contribute to making The Doctor’s House a more sustainable place.

The garden beds and food forest supply the restaurant with beautiful fresh vegetables and fruit and the water from the kitchen is recycled through a reed bed system that goes through several filtering layers before it is used in the garden to add more yummy nutrients to the soil.

Dean ran a Permaculture Session for anyone interested to come along and participate and learn how to plant out a Food Forest. A fantastic day for everyone and a message from Dean:-

Hey everyone thanks a lot for coming! I had a really fun afternoon. We successfully planted pineapples, sweet potato, mint, manioca, ginger, potato, lemon grass and gotu kola as our ground cover layer then guava, banana, starfruit, soursop, papaya, lemon and lime as our understory and jackfruit, breadfruit, mango, avocado as our canopy layer, all within about 2 hours. With the right care, its gonna flourish into a beautiful little food forest providing food, medicine and lumbar also habitat for other animals and an epic spot to relax and reap the fruits of our labour!! Yeeyaah!

Dean has also been interviewed by Nana Surf Travels on Permaculture and his journey through life. Check out this interview Click here for more info:

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