Your superfood of beverages, kombucha is packed with healthy vitamins, beneficial organic acids and many other powerful immune-boosting probiotics.  Kombucha’s ability to detoxify the liver is said to boost immunity and increase metabolism and energy. Boosting the good bacteria in your gut enhancing the digestion process of absorption and assimilation of nutrients in your body.  Revitalising your energy optimising your body’s performance that once you start, you’ll be hooked by the way it makes you feel and the bursting taste.

Kombucha is a natural ferment made with organic green and black tea, organic sugar and filtered water (no chlorine or fluoride) and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) or culture, sometimes called the mother or mushroom. It is the bacteria and yeast that transform the sweetened tea into a fizzy tangy tonic.

Our brews are usually bottled on a 2 weekly cycle depending on the climate.  We flavour at bottling stage with seasonal fruit, herbs and spices, all of which will give extra health boosts. 

Our handcrafted kombucha contains locally sourced organic ingredients, many of which are from our very own garden or locally foraged. Raw and without the intervention of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.